Welcome to Jam Forbes Marketing(JFM)

Jam Forbes Marketing (JFM) was founded in the year 2015 by Janet S. Fernandez and Jasmine Fernandez Maulion. Janet S. Fernandez, a PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker, was the owner and broker of Jam Forbes Marketing, while jasmine Fermandez Maulion, with more than a decade of active practice in the real estate service as a salesperson and a constant awardee by the developers, was the General Manager. Working alongside with them was Renato T.Maulion, also an experienced broker with license number 0032075, as the Administration Manager.

Jam Forbes Marketing had a perofessional and committed team of sales agents who were sel-motivated and fully dedicated to their profession.

Since it’s foundation, JFM had been accredited with the country’s top developers, to cite;    Duraville Realty and Development Corporation, Stateland, Inc., Citihomes builder and Development Inc., Masaito Development Corporation, ACM Homes, Breezewood Development Corp., Borland Development Corporation, SMDC, SHDC, New San Jose builders,and others.

JFM had been constantly awarded by these developers. JFM, as a member of the elite brokers of Duraville Realty and Development Corp., had been consistently receiving the Top 1 award for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter of the year 2017 and is still working its best to achieve the overall top 1 award for the year.

JFM is currently planning to boost the sales for the coming year, 2018.There is an ongoing training for the new partner broker and salesperson. Additional tripping vehicles are also on their way, and also additional office space and manning areas as well.

“Own Your Home Sweet Home”



Jam Forbes Marketing was established as a real estate marketing company duly accredited with the country’sleading real estate developers. We are currently concentrating in the selling horizontal project with Region IVA paricularly in Cavite area and other nearby provinces and cities including NCE,while also accommodating the raising needs of clients for vertical projects in Metro Manila and in the promising future if Cavite real estate as well

Our goal is not only to sell properties, we also commited to providing all the information,assistance and advice you need to buy in real estate community.

Jam Forbes Marketing was established, serving buyers and sellers of real estate, while providing the best possible service, and significant cost savings.



Our mission is to provide a professional, affordable real estate service to our clients, adding significant value to the process that achieves their investment objective.



Our vision is to build a strong team of agent and brokers by providing dynamic work environment, ongoing training, performance-based recognition and opportunities for advancement.


These past several years, JFM Realty became one of the top realties earning respect of everyone. Dominating the sales rate of every project. JFM Realty had also the most sells and trust of customers. We became the no. ! broker of the year 2019 and the top 1 realty to contribute in Duraville. We as a growing team will surely give you the best possible service and deals for your dream of a life house.